Nov 15th the 4th grade classrooms will welcome the Tsongas Industrial History Center's

Exploring The Immigrant Experience

Through artifacts and oral histories students will explore the lives of immigrants who settled in New England.  They will learn why immigrants chose to leave their former lives, what moving was like, what their average day looked like, and how they helped shape American culture?

How can you bring it home?

Tsongas Historical Center offers a few options for online interactive learning.  

Bringing History Home is an online game where players pretend to be "mill girl" Eliza Paige. In this interactive game, players walk the life of an immagrant new to the Lowell Mills.  They make choices she would have faced, each choice varing the outome of their game.

You can play this game or have your student walk you through a virtual visit to Lowell via the multimedia supplimentary material on their website Explore the Immigrant Experience.