February 6th & 7th the Kindergarten and 2nd grade classes welcomed HighTouch HighTech!

Weather or Not©
"Through discovery style learning and inquiry based dialogue, children are engaged in exciting STEM projects that encourage them to explore the many wonders of science." ~www.sciencemadefun.net

The students enjoyed interactive learning through songs and hands on experiments.  They studied Weather and the Water Cycle.  They learned about Wind and what causes Lightening!  They even touched lightening in a plasma globe!!!

How can you bring it home?

Conversation Starters:

  • What clothing would you wear when it's 80 degrees outside?  what about 30 degrees?
  • Can you sing the Weather Cycle song?
  • What are Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation?
  • How did it feel to touch lightening?

You can explore many additional experiments by visit HighTough HighTech's website www.sciencemadefun.net